First-Time Homebuyer

Ready to buy your first home? There are more mortgage options available now for first-time homebuyers than ever before and AmeriTrust Home Mortgage can help find the best option to fit your financial needs. We have mortgage programs that provide down payment assistance, low down payments, and even no money down to help make your dream of homeownership a reality.

Not sure where to start?  Here are 5 steps to get you started on the road to homeownership.

Step 1: Find a Lender

  • You have already taken the important step of finding a lender you can trust with AmeriTrust Home Mortgage.

Step 2: Get Pre-Approved

  • We will take your information and help you get pre-approved to determine how much house you can afford and your best financing options. You will be asked to provide necessary financial documentation (W-2’s, paycheck stubs, tax returns, etc.).

Step 3: Find a Real Estate Agent

  • Ask us - we can refer you to some of the best agents in the area.
  • Ask family and friends for recommendations.
  • Contact a local real estate office in the area where you are looking to purchase 

Step 4: Shop for Your New Home

  • Let your real estate agent know what price range you have been pre-qualified for and he or she will help you find a home that falls within in your budget. A trusted agent can help you find your dream home, work with you to provide a formal offer and oversee the purchase agreement negotiation with the seller.

Step 5: Apply for Your Mortgage

  • After you find the home you want, contact your loan officer at AmeriTrust Home Mortgage as soon as possible so that he or she can guide you through each step of the loan process.

We communicate often and directly -- creating a superior customer experience is our #1 priority!  Our knowledgeable team of mortgage professionals has years of experience and industry insights and works to deliver the best loan and rates to meet your financial goals.

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